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Please choose from the website design and content solutions below. Of course, if you just want the job now, you can always give us a call on (02) 8012 8008 or get in touch using the form at the bottom.

Website brand beginnings

Is your brand just starting out online? Do you need a website built from scratch? The ‘Brand Beginnings’ solution includes:

  • Discovery and planning session
    • This is where you get to tell us what you really want from your site, like what functionality is important to you. (You can send us examples of sites you love and tell us why)
    • We want to know who your brand really is, so we can ensure that translates across your site in a way your customers can relate to.
  • Initial concepts
    • Draft site Information Architecture (IA) is planned and provided for approval, along with a rough design concept for your review
    • Imagery and photography selection – you’ll be given your own photographic light box of images that we’ve compiled for you from thousands online, making your job a whole lot easier!
  • Content creation
    • 7-10 pages of content written for you (depending on your site’s needs and IA approval) – we’ve found that there’s a certain ‘customer-centric’ way of writing web content that appeals to website visitors.
  • Hosting set up and site development
    • WordPress and theme installation
    • WordPress software and plugin updates
    • Theme updates and customisation
    • Hosting (e.g. we generally use HostGator)
    • Domain name consultation, registration and migration
    • Page testing
  • Optional ongoing site maintenance
    • Once your site is live, it will require ongoing maintenance to keep it secure. While you can do this yourself, you can opt to have us take it off your plate. We’ll complete regular testing and updates to the WordPress installation; site plugins, backups etc. to minimise site issues and prevent any security breaches.

Website makeover

Is your website failing to get the traction it needs among your customers? Perhaps you’re wondering why your customers and potential customers can’t find you on Google? If you’ve had the same website for more than 5 years, changes are it might need a makeover. In addition to the features included in the Website Brand Beginnings package, starting with a discovery session and focusing attention heavily on content reworking and creation, your website makeover also includes:

  • Full SEO services
  • Reworking of your site’s existing content – we can either redesign or work with your existing developer to make content changes and design tweaks
  • Fortnightly blogging
    • Why? To help keep your website in a constant state of progress (Google loves that!) to ensure you remain an up-to-date thought leader in your space
  • Customer satisfaction review, and testimonial gathering
    • Any marketing efforts you do will have a much greater effect if you truly understand what your clients really want, how well you satisfy those needs and what else is going on at the back of their minds – and the only way to know that is to ask!
  • Adding social links
  • Updating to a mobile responsive site
  • Ongoing maintenance if moving to WordPress

Transition to WordPress or mobile responsiveness

Is your current website is doing the job, but your traffic seems to have dropped significantly? Or do you just want more control over your own website, rather than paying someone every time you want to add a page? (Oh so old-school).

*Please note: website projects generally take 4-8 weeks, especially if content is required. Whilst we’re able to deliver inside that time frame, “emergency” delivery fees apply.

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