Public Relations

If you’re looking to establish, build or maintain your community engagement to help you drive sales for your brand now and into the future, you might like to start by reading a page on community engagement here.


For all things Public Relations – read on!


We create and implement strategic campaigns that bring you and your ideal clients/customers closer together, build trust and deliver opportunities to build an ongoing connection with them.

How? It’s all about placing you at the centre of the people who matter most to your business/organisation (and those who feel your business/organisation matters most to them) and discovering the most effective ways to communicate with, and engage, your audience.

At KAMCT, we work strategically around the Wheel of Organisational Opportunity (the WOO!) and offer services in:

  • Community research
  • Community outreach and engagement strategies
  • Key opinion leader campaigns
  • PR campaigns
  • Medical education campaigns
  • Thought leadership and profile building (including sourcing speaker opportunities)
  • Media relations and publicity
  • Media audits
  • Blogger outreach
  • Channel partner engagement
  • Ambassador recruitment and engagement programs
  • Media training
  • Issues and crisis management


In case you’re wondering, and there are a lot of conflicting interpretations, with public relations used interchangeably with marketing, media relations or publicity, each serves a very different purpose. Here are our definitions:

  1. Public Relations – leads to an interaction, i.e. its primary purpose is designed to build trust or open/continue a conversation and develop a relationship with your target audience. It is chiefly concerned with your business’ reputation and ultimately supports your business/organisation’s goals and objectives.
  1. Marketing – leads to a transaction, or a sale from a member of your target The best marketers are all about identifying your ideal customers and devising strategies to help fulfill their desires – focusing on selling your products/services and meeting or driving customer demand.
  1. Media relations – is specifically about developing relationships with journalists and the media. Effective media engagement can provide your business with a multitude of opportunities. Read our media training blog to find out more.
  1. Publicity – often interchanged with PR, however both are vastly different. Good publicity focuses more on media coverage, maybe you’re looking to create some buzz around an upcoming event or product release?
  1. MPR – a combination of marketing and public relations or interactions that ultimately lead to transactions.


For a more in depth insight into these terms, you might like to read recent blogs, including “Media relations, publicity & PR – a definitive guide” and “The difference between marketing & PR”.

However the true value of PR is not all about building sales, nor is it about just getting media coverage/publicity. Sometimes it’s just as important to stay less attainable and/or out of the media (and yes, there is such a thing as bad publicity).


If you’re ready to build positive and engaging relationships with your potential and existing target audiences, we’d love to help. You can always give us a call on (02) 9994 8005 or drop us a note.

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