Features & benefits

The features of the KAMC&T service – and more importantly what that means for you

  • Strong strategically-driven sales and marketing experience will enable your business to review its market offering, develop new client services/product offerings, communicate effectively and be a market focussed organisation. In turn that means stronger client ties and improved top line revenues.
  • Decades of management experience across the spectrum of small medium and large business provides your organisation with people who can see the big picture and have first-hand understanding of the challenges of growing (and owning) a business.
  • The focus of our workshops remains on achieving outcomes not just the subject matter. Around 90% of participants are able to implement what they’ve learned straight away. That translates into delighted clients and repeat business for your organisation or alternatively, connected and empowered employees.
  • Broad category experience (healthcare, tourism, professional services, government – to name a few) means more experience from which your organisation can draw to assist in the improvement of the business. You never know – there may be something useful that we can overlay from our experience in the healthcare field that will take your business to the next level. We did exactly that in tourism and it worked a treat.
  • Our team building and mentoring skills will have the team fired up, feeling empowered to make a difference and that their contribution really matters thus maintaining a strong, committed team.
  • Development of feedback and control mechanisms keeps your team focused on achieving its goals rather than just being busy.
  • Strong problem solving ability means everything is doable – impossible feats might just take a little longer.
  • Strong budgetary management means improved bottom line for your organisation (and no surprises with the bill).

So if you’ve had enough of promises that don’t go anywhere or take up more of your time (& budget) than you were originally promised – it’s time to call us. And if you’ve not had that experience yet – it’s probably one you can live without. So call us – 0415 547 529.

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