You want marketing results! And you want someone who can get it done – preferably quickly on a reasonable budget. We hear that a lot!

So many clients are promised action but it falls into a hole when the agency or freelancer gets the client to get the ball rolling. All they want is marketing results. Doesn’t that seem reasonable?

In our experience, leaving that up to the freelancer or agency is a recipe for disaster. You tell us what you’re after, we’ll tell you what you think you need – we all agree on a way forward and then we START working. We don’t wait for you to get stuff to us – you’re too busy for that. Aside from that, it’s much easier for you to edit or review the work – be it web design, content, blog, logo, marketing plan, whatever – than start from a blank page.


These are the kinds of results that clients, just like you, have had delivered working with us.

  •  uncovered 32 potential new pieces of business waiting to be signed
  • achieved media coverage of $1.5 million
  • became the top selling non-fiction book
  • created one of the most-successful infomercials of the year
  • increased overnights to the destination by 20%
  • changed the product from being an ‘untouchable’ before launch to rocketing it to number one on launch in a reasonably mature category in six months
  • speaking engagements with top-notch organisations
  • crisis management that kept extremely damaging, potentially breaking news out of the papers completely
  • someone who got the job done on time, on budget with a minimum of fuss

All client training, counsel and marketing and communications implementation is done by senior people, with decades of hands-on experience in strategic planning, running a business, developing marketing and communication plans across a range of categories for businesses small and large. Unlike so many other Sydney consultancies – you and your work are not handed off to a junior to manage. Not now, not ever.

You can read more about working with us – and how that could benefit you.

If you just want the job done, on time, on budget, with a minimum of fuss – give us a call today on (02) 9994 8005 or drop us a note (and let us know how you like your coffee too).


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