Issues and crisis management

Issues and crisis management


Crises affect almost every business at some point. Depending on the kind of crisis you face, you might be required to talk to your staff, the community, your stakeholders and shareholders, customers and clients and/or the media. Of course, how well your business fares from that point forward depends on how well you’ve prepared BEFORE the crisis hits.

You’re probably aware there might be negative consequences associated with an organisational crisis – but you might be surprised by the following stats.

  • Research suggests that companies that mishandled crises had a 10% decrease in stock price after the first week of the crisis and a 15% decrease below pre-crisis prices after the first year following the crisis.
  • While on the other hand, companies that effectively managed the crisis only saw a 5% decrease in stock price immediately following a crisis, and during the ensuing year there was quick stock recovery.

So how did they do it? (And more importantly, how can you ensure you fit into the latter category?)


One word: preparation!


Preparation is everything. Preparation by way of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Training, and
  • Issues and crisis management

At KAMCT, we’ll work with you to review your media policies and procedures, implement an action plan (so that mistakes don’t happen in the heat of the moment) and help train those most likely to face the media during a crisis. We can even work with you to run an organisation or team-wide crisis simulation tailored to your specific needs!

If your organisation is to ever face a crisis you’ll be thankful you’re prepared, with a plan in place and trained and ready to face the media should they come knocking.


KAMCT also offer the following media training courses:

  • Media training 101 – we’ve provided media training for first-time interviewees through to seasoned CEOs and politicians looking to brush up on their skills
  • Media training intensive – delivered off-site and filmed so you can watch your performance and see where your strengths are and where you might need a little extra help
  • The KAMCT media training intensive also involves helping you craft and develop your key messages and proof points and work around those tricky questions that might come up


Don’t wait until it’s too late, the media land on your doorstep and you’ve missed your chance to get the right message across. You can always call us on (02) 9994 8005 or drop us a note to discuss issues and crisis management or media training courses tailored to suit your needs.

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