If we all owned billion dollar companies we could probably get Brad Pitt to become the face of our brand. Have him tweet about our brand. Have him talk to people on Facebook about our brand. Maybe just stick his face on our brand logo. Unfortunately the reality is most of us don’t own a billion dollar company and can’t get someone by the likes of Brad Pitt to become the face of our brand, but that doesn’t mean you should have no face at all.

Think about it. What do you prefer? Speaking to an automated voice when you call a service, or speaking to an actual person? A person with a name that you can build a relationship with (no matter how short a time that relationship lasts)?

Do you trust the advice from a complete stranger, or from a friend?

And it’s that same train of thought that you should bring to your brand.

Now you may not have all the time in the world to become the face of your own brand, but what about a trusted employee? Because at the end of the day consumers want to hear about your brand from someone they can trust.

Obviously you can’t build that voice over night. It will take time. But it will definitely be worth it. It’s all about humanising your brand or business.

shareasimage-80People don’t do business with brands and businesses…

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

So how can you develop that trusted face and voice for your brand? First you need to find the right person. Will it be you? Will it be an employee? It needs to be a person that is willing to interact through many different social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are good places for consumers to find out what type of person the face of your brand is. Their personality, their likes and dislikes, helping to familiarise themselves with them.

Next, let the face of your brand be a little creative. Maybe they should write a blog for your business in their own personal style. Allow them to get to know your core customers before this happens, through social media and other outlets. Let them know what you want your core message to be but give them the freedom to say it their way, a way they feel is more authentic to their audience.

You also want the face of your brand to create conversation. Think about the type of business you run. Now think about current events that are related to your business and it’s industry. Incorporate current hot topics to spark conversation with your audience either through Facebook, blog, Twitter, etc. Have a friendly debate with your audience. Why? Because it further instils a sense of personality and authenticity to your brand. You’re not just another business looking for a quick sell. You’re a person, with opinions and a voice, a voice that your customers will feel more connected with the more they get the chance for interaction.

Basically the moral of the story is to personify your brand, and let the face of your brand become friends with your customers. With this you might see some more brand loyalty, with customers forming a more personal connection to your brand.

If we can help you create strategies to humanise or personify your brand, we’d be delighted to talk. You can call us or drop us a note.

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