So how do you know which social media tools are the right ones for your business? Essentially there are two ways to find out. You can either listen or ask.

Listening campaigns are when you ‘hang out’ on social media platforms searching and listening for the kinds of conversations that are being had by your clients or those with similar characteristics of your prospective customers. It can take you some time to get hold of some good data or you can outsource it.

Asking means actually going out to your customers usually by survey and asking them what social media they’re using.

It’s much better to ask and/or listen than guess. In a recent client satisfaction survey  we did for a regional accounting firm, (which also netted them 47 potential new pieces of business) although most of the clients owned businesses, very few were using LinkedIn, even less used twitter, but almost all of them used Facebook and said they’d be happy to connect. Who’da thunk!

But as with any research campaign, the quality of the questions determines the quality of the answers. Many times, clients have said they’ve tried to do their own research, but the results haven’t been great or some weird answers came back. Make sure that you’ve asked the questions in a way that will help your respondents give you the kind of answer you’re seeking.

If we can be of help, in researching, setting up, managing or ghosting your social tools, please get in touch.

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