Just came across a very intriguing marketing campaign – a blogging competition called Vitamin ME for Queensland Tourism – where they asked people to lazily dream about what they’d do with a prize of $5000 to spend on a Queensland holiday – because after all Vitamin ME is one of those essential vitamins for human health (especially those of us that run businesses and have families).

So why is it intriguing as a marketing campaign? Because time and again, research into marketing techniques tells us that if you can get people to imagine themselves using your product (preferably with a smile on their face), you’ve installed a mini-memory in their brains – with as much WIIFM or what’s in it for me, as their brain can imagine.

Yes, a mini-memory (okay that’s my term – but it’s spot on). The mini-memory acts as a positive brand experience and means the next time I think about going on holidays, somewhere warm, my brain is likely to pull said ‘memory’ from the recesses of my brain and suggest that in fact, I liked it (ie: the thought of it) so much last time, I should go again (this time for real). Clever, huh!! It’s even more clever that they make you write it down (further strengthening the memory) and post it for the world to see – the joys of getting friends of friends to feel an emotional connection to for your product/service.

You can use this concept in your marketing too. It would work equally well as an email campaign, facebook, video, etc.

As for me – hmmmm. Dreaming about $5,000 holiday in Queensland ….

Warm breeze, lapping ocean, clinking of icecube melting slowly in my MaiTai – I look up to watch the birds play in the sky from my perch under the shade of a whispering palm tree, swaying gently in said breeze. I listen more closely…nope, no kids – seriously, I’m in heaven – actually on a far northern Queensland island just for couples.

Work – care factor of nill – wow did I really think that? There must be something in the water here – yes, it’s Vitamin ME – the little piece of me, that lying here without a care in the world, is giving back to myself.

Who would I take – my husband of course. He’d be thrilled to have me all to himself for a couple of days with no expense spared – just the two of us . Well, make that the three of us…now you’re wondering aren’t you…the massuer at the bottom of my deckchair who’s giving me the most wonderful foot rub. Ahhhhhhh blisss (now have drool all over the computer). Ooops but I digress – there are no phone/iPad/laptops in this memory.

All I have to do (listen to me – have to do – bah!), is relax, swim, dive if I’m feeling adventurous, eat magnificent food, drink beautiful wine and smile indulgently at Sven at the bottom of my deckchair.  Oh, and order another drink. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Must look into booking a holiday in Queensland – bring on the Vitamin ME.

See told you it was clever….

Thanks for the gorgeous shot © Karen Struthers | Dreamstime.com  – http://www.dreamstime.com/looking-up-into-a-palm-tree-imagefree339436
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