As today is Valentine’s Day, it seems appropriate to write something on love – customer love that is.

Happy Valentines Day

We all know people only do business with people they know, like and trust. Which, when you really think about it, sounds kind of like dating. Except that hopefully what you’re really after isn’t just after one date – you want them to be wedded to you and your business for as long as you both are in business. In a business sense, you want them to love you and I mean really LURVE you.

I mean, come on – it’s you – what’s not to love! But seriously…Do you know what it is that your customers’ really love about your business?

If not, it’s your No1 job to find out – start today. Rather than relying on social media, faceless surveys, etc – call five of your favourite customers and ask them to tell you what it is that they really like about you guys working together – use it as the basis of a good conversation. Ask them who else does anything similar for them (hopefully not one of your competitors).

Then, without using it as a bribe, send them something nice to say thank you for their time – like flowers, balloons, movie tickets, chocolates, wine, champagne – whatever. It just has to be personal. Branded pens and post-its don’t count.

If you already know and I mean REALLY know, what makes your customers’ go gooey and weak at the knees – still send them a gift to say thank you and that you love doing business with them too.

Seriously – everyone from the sweet young receptionist to the CEO of the highest boardroom in the country – loves to feel appreciated.

So, give your clients the gift of letting you know that you appreciate them this Valentines and next year, you’re likely to still be happily counting the years together.

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