Recently we came across a marketing questionnaire (on a marketing website) that asked their prospects to answer 20 questions that related to… you guessed it…  marketing – as in a fill in the form type of questionnaire. Sure, there were some interesting questions, but when you finished answering them, nothing happened. No data was collected, there was no way of the marketer reaching out with insights based on the respondents answers, etc.

It was in effect a little like reading a horoscope. A bit of fun, but that was it. To us that was a hugely wasted opportunity.

So we decided that we’d have one of our own. We don’t think we’ve ever met a single business owner who’s totally satisfied with their level of sales – some come close, but if we could get them just a bit more, they’d be happy to take it.

Here are the questions turned into a blog. Given there’s no-one watching and only you will really know the answers, be honest – in fact be brutal in your answers.

Then, if you feel you’d like to work on an area that that just isn’t working as well as it could be for you – we’d be delighted to talk to you about how we could help.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being never, 5 not really and 6 being kind of, 10 being always, every single time), answer the following questions.

1. We know how many exactly hits to the website/social, calls, meetings, and proposals it takes to get a client across the line and how long they stay/what they spend (because we track everything)

2. We know who our ideal customer is (ie: we can name existing customers who embody them) and we can describe what makes them ideal and their common characteristics in great detail

3. We actively pursue (and win) our ideal customers (as opposed to chasing any customer with a pulse and the hint of a wallet) around 80% of the time.

4. We have a new business pipeline plan in place that we actively work on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis that allows for the 5-13 touch points a prospect might require before they become a client

5. We actively work our ideal customers’ pre and post-purchase chain and seek to engage those people

6. Our USP or value proposition or what makes us different stands out from the competition and is clearly articulated to our customers

7. We have an existing customer love/appreciation plan in place to ensure that our current customers won’t be part of the 94% of all customers that leave because they feel unappreciated

8. All of our company branding, marketing and sales materials are completely consistent in that they reflect the same look, feel and messages across everything

9. Clients and new prospects find our website easy to find, navigate, engaging and full of great content

10. Our materials are updated in a timely fashion, but our messages remain ‘on brand’.

11. We’ve really embraced social media as a way of proving our smarts/service/quality, whilst engaging our current and potential customers

12. We have someone who is absolutely responsible for all of our marketing and they do a great job.

13. My three greatest nightmares when it comes to sales and marketing are (you can leave these in the comments below)




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