Are you guilty of the burnt lamb chop syndrome in your business?

For those of you who’re not sure what that is – there’s a phenomenon coined by market researchers where someone in family households, usually the mother, always puts the other family members’ needs first and somehow always ends up eating the proverbial burnt lamb chop, or the dodgy looking sausage or maybe even no meat at all.

Now before you go thinking that doesn’t apply to you in the workplace – stop and think for a minute.

Are you so busy running around fixing others problems that you forget to focus on getting what you want out of your business? Lots of business people are. Are you like those business owners who get so caught up in doing their do everyday, being busy, solving other people’s problems, that you forget to look after your own needs?

If that’s you, maybe you need to outsource the looking after of whatever matters to you (that you don’t have time to do) in your business – so that you can reach your goals (business or personal). It might be taking it to the next step, it might be retaining customers, it might be doing more marketing, it might be the rebrand that you know you need but don’t have the emotional energy to really get started on much less see to the end.

Don’t continue your business version of burnt lamb chop syndrome. Just as scientists have discovered too much burnt (w charcoal) meat can be carcinogenic, the business version can have just as dire effects.

Do get in touch if you’re looking to put yourself first – for a change (or if you’re after some marketing).

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