After starting on the journey of the top three reasons you should outsource your marketing, more and more reasons just seemed to keep popping into my head. So here are another three.

Consistency, consistency, consistency! Just because you’ve seen your marketing message so often you’re a little bored with it, doesn’t mean you should change it (unless there are real reasons for doing so). The more complex a product or service you sell, the more times your prospects need to see your message in order to understand your offer to feel comfortable buying from you. A good marketer knows how to incorporate your message consistently across whatever materials your business requires.

Time – If you’re anything like most business owners, you’re probably stretched to find a single extra minute in your day – much less hours or whole days a week – every weeek to dedicate to your marketing efforts. Successful marketing requires not only marketing knowledge, experience and skill – it also requires frequent interactions with your customers and prospects. And that takes time – away from your business.

Insight – Most business owners and senior executives know a lot about their industry or product segment. And whilst a good marketer might not have as in-depth a knowledge of your market as you, they bring a breadth of knowledge from other industries/markets. If I’ve learned anything from my 20 years in marketing, it’s that often killer campaigns from other industries, if correctly applied, also work brilliantly in others.

One of the first experiences I had doing this was applying a campaign model I’d worked on in the healthcare space with Drs to the tourism industry. Whilst you might wonder where the similarities are – they’re there and in spades. Nobody else at the time was applying that model to tourism and it gave my tourism client a cutting-edge campaign.

Have you outsourced your marketing? What was your reason for doing it – drop me a comment below. Or chat to me on twitter

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