If you run a business, you know that in addition to being great at what you actually do (ie: creating your products or services), you also need to know how to get clients and maximise client engagement.

But, if you’re anything like most business owners, you’re not a salesperson and you’re not particularly interested in becoming one.

So how to you stay who you are and continue to get clients and build your business?

Five easy steps to getting clients;

1. To get clients, it’s all about building relationships and encouraging client engagement – it’s never about the numbers. Whoever said sales is a numbers game, in our opinion, should be shot. So if you’re all about engaging relationships – you need to start with;

a. getting clear on who your ideal client is (you know, the completely perfect person you LOVE to deal with, who loves your products/services) – we have a process for this in case you’re wondering.

b. what they get from working with you – what outcomes do you really want to achieve for the customers/clients you serve.

c. your objectives – how many of those perfect customers you can realistically provide great outcomes for at any one time.

2. To sell is a four letter word, so don’t do it. Offer your clients solutions to their problems. That way, you can think of it as helping someone out – not selling.

3. People almost always buy on emotion (even for business purchases) and that’s usually based on how you’ve made them feel, if they like you and how excited they are about owning your product/service. BUT they also need some reasoning to back their decision up – just in case anyone asks – they don’t want to look silly.

So start by capturing their hearts with a solid WIIFM (what’s in it for me) message, a smile, an engaging conversation and connection. Then, and only then, you can back that up with some proof points about why your product/service will work for them (that you’ve tailored from your initial conversation). That way you’re helping them confirm the decision they’ve already made to buy. That’s the only way they’ll then open their wallet.

4. Communicate often – but only in a way that is meaningful for your customers/clients. And the best way to find out how they want you to communicate with them – ASK. Some will like phone, some email, some SMS, some real mail or some social media. Use the method they like best and talk about the things they’re interested in. You’ll also need to be respectful about how often you’re contacting them.

5. Follow up. Not every client will buy on the first, second or 10th interaction. In fact, it can take 13+ touches from you before they’ll buy depending on what you’re selling and how complex the decision making process is. So, if you’ve got to follow up 2-13 times, you’ll need to have a sales process in place that leads your prospects through a series of touches so that you and your business stay top of mind.

So if you’re in need of a virtual marketing manager to help you get clear on your perfect customers; Or help developing your sales follow up process, a marketing agency to help you produce meaningful customer communications pieces, or strategies to maximise client engagement, we’d be delighted to chat! You can can give us a call on (02) 9994 8005 or send an email.

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