I just came across one of the best infographics for social media planning that I’ve ever seen. The guys at Simply Business UK were good enough to share it via social media in an effort to help those wanting to either embark on or embed further in the social media journey. Thanks guys.

With it’s 13 steps, it contains everything that a great plan needs to encompass.

From a marketing/communications perspective, I guess the most important steps are;

  • your goals – why are you doing this
  • strategies (social and content) – where are you heading and how are you getting there
  • measurement – after all what gets measured gets done and better still, improved
  • preparing for mishaps – the best laid plans can and do go wrong and rather than running around like a headless chicken when it does, it’s much easier to follow a predetermined plan.

And whilst social media can be great fun, if you’re planning on using it to build your business, it’s serious business that requires 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration – just like everything else in your business. That means, you have to do the work regularly, consistently, appropriately, provide your friends/readers/connections, etc with value and above all, make sure that you remain true to your brand.

Oh, and in true #qantasluxury fashion, make sure you don’t assign it to the office junior.

Your step-by step guide to social media success:

(via Simply Business).

Kristin is a marketing & communication strategist and trainer who’s been doing the marketing ‘do’ for almost 20 years. She can be found hanging out in social media land – for her clients’ benefit of course. You can follow her @glitteratichic or click on the LinkedIn icon on the right handside to connect there.

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