Social media training

Have you been thinking you’d like to get more from your social media efforts. Or you’d like to get started by you’re not sure how?

Courses can be one-on-one or to a larger group. We can even conduct them over skype. Every workshop is tailored to provide content rich experience to all participants no matter where they are in their social media journey.

Most importantly, in all the courses, you’ll not only learn the technology, you’ll learn how to really use it from a communications perspective. And that’s something that very few trainers have experience in despite their familiarity with the technology.

Social media 101 workshop Kristin Austin Marketing Social media training

If you’re relatively new to social media and are looking to get started on the right footing – this is a great place to start. You’ll start by reviewing what you’re trying to achieve through social media and work from there.

During this full-on 3-hour workshop you’ll;

  • Set up or review your social media profiles to ensure they’re set up as they should be
  • Spend a short while with our strategic hats on thinking about what you’re trying to achieve through social media.
  • Be set up some social media helper-apps that will make your life so much easier, including measurement review so you can see what’s working and what’s not
  • Gain an understanding of the rules of social media engagement
  • Think about your key messages (and your SEO terms)
  • Start an editorial calendar of posts
  • Set up content alerts so you’re never stuck for something to post


The business of blogging made easy

Blogging – we know we should all be doing it. It allows clients and prospects to get to know you, provides a place for you to prove our smarts and keeps you above Google’s radar.

According to Hubspot, 57% of businesses that blog report it being responsible for new business. Anyone who has a blog, knows it drives both their position on google and traffic to their website.

All good in theory – right up until you go to actually write something – every week – without fail. Enter the big blank panic inducing screen with flashing cursor.  Well panic no more.

In this workshop you’ll;

  • Gain an understanding of who the writing is for and what those readers are looking for
  • Discover the real rules of blogging
  • Create a personalised editorial calendar (with jot points) for your next 10 (or more) blog posts
  • Come away with a host of ideas of how to generate ongoing content – no more blinking cursor!
  • Set yourself up to get the writing done with the help of some great online tools that make you actually write – rather than edit, re-edit, go around in circles getting nowhere fast.


Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often referred to as the online cocktail party of the business world. Around two new members join LinkedIn every second of every day, every week of the year. At least some of them must be your customers (or potential customers). If you’re not there, you’re missing out entirely. But, if you’re sort of there, sometimes, when you remember – you’re possibly doing yourself more harm than good.

Everyone in business, particularly those servicing the B2B space, needs a LinkedIn profile. It allows clients and prospects to get to know you, provides a place for you to prove your smarts and keeps your above Google’s radar. All good in theory. But, as the social media space becomes more and more noisy – there are currently nearly 8,000 searches a minute on linkedin (and more than 150M users globally), how do you cut through all that clutter and make LinkedIn really work for you as a business tool?

You’ll find out what makes for a good and complete profile, how best to ‘meet’ and interact with other social networkers and how to maximise their efforts online and perhaps even more importantly, offline.

In this workshop you’ll;

  • Gain an understanding of what constitutes a good profile
  • Tailor your profile headline and other sections to differentiate yourself from the sea of sameness
  • Look at ways to tell your story in a way connections and clients will find fascinating
  • Find ways to better connect with and engage clients, prospects and referrers
  • Come away with a personalised action plan for making the most of your time on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to translate that into action off-line


What are you waiting for – start your social media journey or improve your social media results today.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about specifically tailoring a course for you or your organisation’s needs. Contact us or give Kristin a call on (02) 9994 8005.


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