Media training courses

Is there a media interview on your horizon? Are you worried you might get asked some tough questions or perhaps you just want to be prepared for that niggling issue that a journalist might get hold of? Or maybe you’ve been caught out unprepared or misquoted in the media before?

Learn the rules of the media game so you can make the most of any interview situation. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve missed the opportunity to get your message across – it’s time to get media trained now.


When it comes to media performance – preparation is key!


KAMCT media training will help you understand the rules of the media game so that you can make the most of any interview situation. We’ve provided media training for first-time interviewees through to seasoned industry CEOs and politicians needing to brush up on their skill-sets.

Our regular training courses include:


Media training 101

Ideal for new executives, CEOs, Councillors, board members or smaller organisations where several people might be in the media spotlight from time to time. In this ½-day media-training course you’ll gain insight into:

  • The media – what they want and the rules of the media interview game
  • Your audience – what do they expect and what do they need from you
  • Your key messages
  • How you can best get those messages across
  • And you’ll also get tips & tricks for delivering a great interview


Media training intensive

KAMCT’s full-day intensive media-training courses are usually delivered off-site to minimise distractions. Your team’s performance as media spokespeople is filmed so everyone can learn what works (and what doesn’t) on camera, what you’re doing well in interviews and where you can improve to help you shine in the media spotlight.

We can help you craft your key messages and proof points, find those sound bites and quotes and gain solid practice working around those tricky questions you might encounter to ensure you keep your cool and stay ‘on message’.

All KAMCT courses are tailored to suit the specific needs of your team or organisation. Media training can be run in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane – or regional centres.

We can also help you prepare for the media spotlight with media issues and crisis simulations.


If your organisation is likely to ever be in the media firing line, you’ll be thankful that you’ve had the forethought to be prepared and to have issues trained your organisation when the media are camped on your doorstep. When it comes to choosing your next trainer, it helps to hear what others have to say:


“The media training Kristin provided us with was excellent. It was presented in a practical way and tailored specific to our business. We all took away some fantastic tools, which were put in to practice immediately. I would highly recommend Kristin’s training to any company or individual who has dealings with the media.”

– Peter Duncan, Communications Officer – Murrumbidgee Irrigation

“I would highly recommend Kristin Austin Marketing Communication & Training. Kristin is simply brilliant. She ran a media training course for my Councillors, GM and executive team and the feedback was very positive.”

– Tanya Abraham, PR & Events Manager – Hurstville City Council

 Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve missed your chance to get the right message across to the media and your other stakeholders. Call Kristin today to discuss how you can ensure you and your organisation shine in the media spotlight on (02) 9994 8005 or drop us a note.

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