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1st in business – the revenue building game to help you unlock new business in 90 days

In business, your success ultimately revolves around doing one small thing every day that builds your revenue and consistently inches you closer to your goal.


If you want to achieve your business goal, new business development is critical.

Success in business is about revenue building, And revenue building, also known as new business development, it’s often said, is a numbers game. And as anyone who has built their sales numbers over time will tell you, it’s about playing the revenue building game consistently.

Your key to ultimate revenue building success is consistently focusing on the activities that are ‘directly related’ to bringing in revenue. And that means dealing with, wooing and selling to, providing for and nurturing your customers. Or if you’ve got a customer problem, fixing their problem. Then rinsing and repeating.

Ask yourself how much time you really spend on building your business revenue. If the answer is “I don’t know”, “I’m not sure”, “not enough” or “not enough to hit my targets this year”, then you need to address it. If you’re going to approach things differently this year and focus on revenue building, you’ll need to dedicate regular time (i.e.: schedule it in your diary) for revenue building activities.

If you’re new to this or it’s just you in your business, you might focus on this just one day a week – start with just 1 hour a week and see how it goes. If after a month or two, it’s not enough, increase it to a second day.


So pick a card, roll the dice, and unlock your revenue!

We suggest that you spend one day a week on revenue building activities and developing new business. And new business building activities must come before anything else on your scheduled new business day (or if you’re doing it daily, before anything else on your to-do list). The rules are simple;

  • Select one red card at random and roll the dice (note: if you roll the 1 – it translates to 100). Read your card aloud; replacing the x with the number you’ve rolled.
  • You have one hour to complete the task you’ve just read (unless it specifies otherwise or you’ve rolled a 1 = 100 – in which case you’re going to be busy ALL day working on your task!)
  • When it’s time to do the 1st thing, only do that one task. If it takes you 50 minutes to work up the courage to do it. Great. See if you can beat that tomorrow. But do your 1 small thing before anything else.

Once you’ve purchased your game, you’ll be invited into a free facebook Rock your revenue group, to help you get the most from the game.

If you have questions, feel free to drop us a note.

1 Small Thing in Business

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