Do you want real progress with your sales and marketing efforts? - It’s all about WIIFM

wiifm marketing - customer love

It's all about customer love

Do you want your customers to love your business, product or service? Of course you do! ’Did you know though, that if you haven’t addressed your customer’s WIIFM (aka What’s in it for me?), they”re likely to feel that you just don’t get them or worse, that you’re disinterested.

Getting WIIFM right means connecting to more and better prospects, having your customers love dealing with you and ultimately that means more sales and frequently, more referrals. What’s not to love about that!

How do you get WIIFM into your organisation? We can help you! Here’s a smattering of what we can do for you;

Marketing – planning, strategy and implementation (click here to read more)

  • Creating lead generating opportunities to fill your sales pipeline – across a range of marketing mediums including social media
  • Building and implementing a plan that has your potential clients engaging with your business
  • Creating the right messages and materials that actually sell your products and services
  • Creating a brand your customers love, that they think ‘gets’ them
  • Giving your customers more frequent opportunities to interact with or experience your brand
  • Developing a consistent sales process for your staff to follow
  • Acting as your marketing manager or a marketing mentor for fledgling marketers


  • Positioning you as an expert or thought leader in your field
  • Protecting your business reputation
  • Gaining you more media coverage (or maybe less if the media are paying too much attention)
  • Writing or ghost writing materials (including e-books) for you


  • Polishing your skills in new business presentations, media performance, social media or blogging to help you connect more with your audience

Most likely, what you’re really after is someone that will look after you, your business and just get the job done while delivering real progress for your marketing, communication and sales efforts. You’ll find we’re pretty serious about having WIIFM at the centre of your work. Why? Because it works! Lots promise – few deliver!

Fill your sales pipeline and have your business stand out for the right reasons – call today on +61 (0) 415 547 529 or click here to drop us a note. Be sure to include how you like your coffee.

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